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        Go-To-Market Strategy

        Manifest, a wellness platform focused on using exercise and behavioral science to drive real, sustainable results, needed to learn more about their core demographics along with key strategies for a seamless user acquisition upon launch. We set out to develop a business case that enables Manifest to make a decision on which market segment and target users to pursue, along with actionable recommendations on a Go-To-Market roadmap.


        While the target audience for the platform is anyone who needs help getting back on track when it comes to health and fitness, we wanted to explore the opportunity of targeting those who suffer from chronic illness. As Chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other ailments, impact millions of U.S. adults, this presented a major impact opportunity for Manifest.

        After a thorough analysis of the chronic disease’s market potential, we identified the 35 to 64-year-old demographic, specifically those who are digital savvy, as our target users. We focused on utilising user interviews to identify sources of information those with chronic illnesses both search and trust while learning what tools they currently use to manage their health such as apps, groups, and forums. Our research also led us to speak with subject matter experts on FDA requirements, in order to determine whether the app would qualify as a software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD) product.


        • Chronic Disease patients are actively seeking health management information and solutions from peers, doctors and health-focused websites. They weigh their credibility heavily on widely recognized medical sources, and doctor recommendations.
        • There is a hurdle to using health management apps. If nothing within the app motivates users to stick with the program, they are likely to quit. Ensuring an element of accountability within the app is needed to encourage continued use.
        • While users are downloading health management apps, cumbersome onboarding and blocks are challenges


        In order to establish credibility Manifest’s reputation needs to be built on the app store through reviews and review the beta testing feedback to ensure the app has a frustration-free onboarding experience and a clear value prop.

        As Chronic Disease patients are turning to search engines, such as Google, in order to find health management information, emphasis is needed on ensuring best practices are followed with SEO and AdWords initiatives. One of the largest opportunities we uncovered was that by changing simple linguistics across their website, we would be able to improve their SEO results