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        Subscription Box Service

        Loot Crate is a subscription box service established in 2012. Feeding on the millennial affinity for subscriptions while serving a previously untapped market in the e-commerce space, Loot Crate developed a platform for delivering monthly crates of geek and gaming related merchandise from the best pop culture franchises.

        The Challenge

        Since Loot Crate's business was fully operational with an existing product and infrastructure, the engagement began with a series of technical workshops. This empowered the Sidebench team to fully understand the technical architecture, deployment workflow and internal processes focused on QA and DevOps.

        All Crates E-Commerce

        • A card-based interface was designed and implemented for the Shop All page that gave shoppers more powerful features such as sorting, filtering, and comparing specific products with each other.
        • In order to increase average order values, Sidebench designed a drawer style shopping cart that enabled users to continue shopping while still utilizing e-commerce best practices to drive conversions through the funnel.

        Manage Account

        To enhance the experience for returning users, Sidebench overhauled the Manage Account functionality to include more transparency and surfaced helpful information that related directly to their portion of the user journey

        Loyalty Program

        To keep subscribers engaged and drive additional revenue to the business, Sidebench recommended a loyalty program to give these users an incentive to continue shopping with Loot Crate. We dove into research and strategies with industry and loyalty program experts in order to determine the best practices of an effective loyalty and rewards program. A tiered membership model was suggested that is based on rewarding users for points per dollars spent as well as establishing a linear status with Loot Crate based on their lifetime spend.

        Design & Development

        Impact on the Users

        • After implementing our new designs, Loot Crate shoppers can now compare up to three different products in an easy to read table that displays core information such as the number of items, MSRP, price, and frequency of shipments.
        • The new, non-intrusive shopping cart offers users the best balance of accessing the checkout, while also providing a seamless continued browsing experience, should they need to include additional products in their cart.
        • Subscribers can now generate points per dollar spent, which can be redeemed for physical products. In addition, the lifetime spend of a subscriber is tied to their membership tier; the higher the tier, the better perks they would receive.