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        Project Manager (Contract)

        What We’re Looking For
        We are looking for a Project Manager that will work closely with our Product, Development and Design teams to establish reliable schedules, timelines, workflows, scopes, and budgets of both current and potential projects. They will be instrumental in determining the necessary resources to deliver quality products for clients and flag potential risks along the way.

        To be successful in this role, you must be a self-starter, have strong problem-solving skills, be able to make strong business cases, and have great communication skills.

        We are currently looking for someone to join us on a?contract basis for a new client project. The engagement will be short-term with the opportunity for more work in the future.


        As a key collaborator at Sidebench, our next Project Manager will be relied upon to deliver the following:

        • Manage projects throughout the full product life cycle including conception, QA, maintenance and support, production and development, and final delivery
        • Build, structure and lead proper resources and teams to deliver client deliverables on-time, within budget and of high quality
        • Establish and maintain key communication channels both internally and with the client
        • Identify, manage and escalate potential risks and red flags during the project life cycle
        • Properly motivate and utilize internal and external resources
        • Apply Sidebench’s unique Project Management methodologies and iterate on them as needed
        • Develop realistic timelines and budgets in conjunction with our Product Managers, Technical Architects, and Designers
        • Aid in scoping potential new projects with proprietary and secondary data and analytics
        • Present ideas to clients and establish yourself as a trusted advisor and act as the account lead on Sidebench’s behalf


        Beyond prior experience in an agency or startup environment, we are looking for a Project Manager that has:

        • 3-5 years of experience managing multiple clients and multiple projects across various industries and disciplines
        • Proven organizational and planning skills and great attention to detail
        • A strong drive and a desire to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment
        • Approachable demeanor with a knack for getting the best work out of their teammates and collaborators
        • Prior experience using organization tools and utilization software
        • Experience with development of project plans for software products, experiential products and digital products
        • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

        Please apply through this link