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        Marketing Manager

        Role Overview

        We’re looking for a Marketing Manager who has a passion for B2B marketing and loves working with technology. The ideal candidate will be able to make data driven decisions, manage multiple marketing projects, and design marketing strategies to attract qualified inbound leads and top candidates.

        In this role, you will be responsible for all of our marketing priorities including but not limited to: our website, sales enablement materials, social media, newsletters, SEO, paid search, Sidebench brand guidelines, Google Analytics, copywriting duties, original content, and case studies.


        • Utilize Google Analytics to drive our brand presence, analyze our current inbound channels, and reach a wider audience
        • Overhaul our current paid search and SEO strategy while installing best practices
        • Contribute to Sidebench web strategy and provide research and data for the Business Development and Delivery teams to make informed strategic decisions
        • Maintain analytics for our various web profiles and use those analytics to adjust our marketing strategy on a quarterly basis
        • Design newsletter campaigns to build connections and set up potential meetings at regular intervals and before attending various conferences around the country
        • Leverage our relationships with Clutch.co, Built in LA, OpenIDEO, General Assembly and others to drive both inbound clients and candidates
        • Partner with our Business Development team to provide strategic insights into how we should position ourselves with our sales enablement materials (case studies, offerings, strategic partnerships)
        • Research and enter key speaking opportunities at conferences that align closely with the Sidebench brand and expertise
        • Continue to define our brand voice and act as the lead copywriter for all brand and sales materials
        • Design and develop a content strategy that employs a mix of freelance and in-house contributors to position Sidebench as thought leaders in our industry
        • Define and direct our social media strategy (paid and organic) while acting as the lead writer and editor for each platform
        • Research and enter key award contests that showcase our work



        • 3-5 ?years of experience in a Marketing role with a company in the tech space or within a startup environment
        • True interest in marketing B2B professional services as well as enterprise technology solutions
        • Strong familiarity with Google Analytics and past experience in executing Google Ad campaigns
        • Experience with paid search and SEO and the ability to execute on key campaigns that drive inbound leads
        • Analytical skills and the ability to quickly synthesize raw data to highlight trends, weaknesses and opportunities within our current marketing strategies
        • Experience designing and writing newsletters as well as executing newsletter campaigns to maintain constant contact with key Sidebench stakeholders
        • Experience writing and producing long and short form content for a branded entity
        • Deep understanding of social media advertising/paid social and the best practices within that space
        • Extreme attention to detail and strong task management skills
        • Experience working with various agile teams
        • Agency experience preferred


        Please apply through this link