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        Executive Assistant

        What We’re Looking For:
        We’re hiring an Executive Assistant to support our CEO and work cross functionally across multiple teams. The main focus of the role will be coordinating communication (external and internal), coordinating upcoming meetings, and preparing our CEO for upcoming obligations.

        In addition to working closely with our CEO, our next Executive Assistant will also support our company culture initiatives, work closely with our People Operations department, support our marketing team, and will have opportunities to manage internal projects.

        We’re looking for someone who’s eager to grow within the company while also being a reliable, self-starting individual in the Executive Assistant role.

        The role will focus on supporting and serving the CEO and leadership team, but it will also include Office Management, Culture, and Operations duties. The responsibilities are focused on but not limited to:

        • Serve as a business manager to Sidebench leadership on all administrative, coordination, and business information matters
        • Handle monthly expense reports and work closely with Finance to track various budgets
        • Execute food orders for employees and important client meetings
        • Manage travel arrangements and expenses for all employees
        • Assist our CEO with email management, calendar coordination, meeting confirmation, and other scheduling responsibilities for high-priority matters
        • Help our CEO with follow up for various meetings (if need decks, information, etc from people)
        • Participate in internal leadership meetings as ‘scribe’ and ‘timetracker’, and eventually becoming a contributing participant on office-related topics/decisions
        • Responsible for reception services including meet and greet clients, interviewees and guests, field incoming phone calls, and manage deliveries and traffic in and out of the office
        • Maintain employee handbook detailing policies and procedures
        • Co-leads the planning of company events, All Hands meetings and general office culture events, new joiner onboarding
        • Participates as an active member of our culture committee, help coordinate events and gifts for employee celebrations
        • Communicate effectively, efficiently, and professionally with service requests of employees
        • Manage all office supplies ordering, approval processes, and distribution to employees
        • Responsible for overall front office activities, including the reception area, mail, and facilities

        The ideal candidate will be a master of task management and a true self-starter. The following experience will be necessary:

        • 2+ years in an assistant role to a high-level executive
        • Strong planning and organizational skills
        • Customer centric and the highest level of reliability & follow-through
        • Endlessly proactive, always thinking of what comes next, sense of urgency with high priority tasks
        • Excellent written and oral communication skills
        • Digital communication literacy, including Slack, Asana, Google Docs
          • LinkedIn Research & Messaging
          • Email etiquette for professional services


        • Bonus points if you have experience with:
          • Process Automation via tech (I.e. IFTTT, Zapier)
          • Managing Virtual Assistants
          • Personal Assistant tasks
          • Event coordination
          • Excel / Google Sheets functions and reports
          • Working in an agency setting
          • Custom software design and development processes


        Please apply through this link